In this paper we evaluate the impact that a specific area in individuals’ lives- their job or occupation – has over their satisfaction with life in general and specifically with their labor activity. We analyze the working life of the participants in the labor force in Mexico on the basis of four fundamental dimensions: sector of employment (formal sector/informal sector), type of employment (formal employment/informal employment), relation with the means of production (owners/employees), and type of activity (white collar/blue collar). With data from the National Survey of Household Expenditure (ENGASTO) carried out in 2012 by the Statistics National Institute (INEGI), we found that - controlling for income, age, education and other relevant variables – working in the formal sector as well as being formally employed have a positive impact over the level of satisfaction with life and with work; being self-employed impacts negatively on both types of satisfaction, while being a white or blue collar participant in the work force, does not significantly influence life or work satisfaction.